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For Influencers

1.Choose your right industry as per your profile, Don't choose the wrong industry. In case you selected the non-relevant category from your profile. You are cheating on us and our clients.

2.Kindly don't use any virgin video or content on your registered tixteen profile.

3.Choose your content as per your expertise don't select a video if you are an expert in image. The same condition applies if you are an expert in the video then doesn't select the image.

4.Any reason your followers base will below, then you must inform to tixteen.

5.We have required your video to represent you as a Tixteen registered member for attracting our clients to choose you.

6.If you are going to profile your private first you can sleep mode your profile on tixteen.

7.In case you have any holiday required for some days or week, you must sleep mode your tixteen account and also complete your pending tasks.

8.Don't change your social link without confirmation from Tixteen.

9.If you received the client's products for video or image shoot should be safe till the time your content will be verified.

10.Don't give your tixteen account access to anyone without permission from tixteen,

11.Dont communicate with our clients for any personal reason, If we find out you're communicating with a client without any discussion your both accounts will be suspended.

12.In final content must tag tixteen as thanks, client official page for promotion & trendy hashtags.

13.Please mention the right DOB according to the Aadhar card.

14.Don't use celebrity & religious pictures to increase followers.

15.Influencer select campaign before accepting request because after accepting influencer complete task is compulsory.

16.Client decision last decision for content verification.

17.Submit your content after receiving the courier in between three days.

18.If you select multi campaigns you never let your content for example accept three campaigns you have completed in three days time and never calculate time with your campaign figures.

19.Influencers don't delete content from your page.

20.Never use another brand on client video.

21.Influencers also have a bond for video live for 60 days at least. Don't private your account in these 60 days

22.Never use harsh language in content!

23.Don't copy video concepts from anywhere. ( Audio,video & text )

24.We are not responsible if you don't get any campaign because the campaign will be created by the client.

25.Tixteen receives the analytics from the influencer & wait for payment at least 10-15 working days.

26.Social media content has been taken live by the influencer and is approved by Tixteen in writing.

  II) Analytics are shared within one week of taking the post live showing the traction.

27.In case the content is not approved for any reason by the brand or Tixteen, the influencer will be instructed to take the content down and no payment will be due from Tixteen to the influencer.

28.In case of any complaints or requests, email to

29.In case of any dispute, disputes will be under the jurisdiction of Ludhiana District Courts, not considering the location of the influencer or brand.

For Brands

“Tixteen is a platform enabling brands to engage with influencers and influencers across India. A brand can launch a campaign for Influencer. A brand launching a campaign agrees to the below terms and conditions”:

1. The Brand will provide accurate information about the products and services prior to launching the campaign.

2. The influencer incentive shall be paid by Tixteen on completion of the engagement.

3. You have to need permission to use influencer video ( only digital use) for other platforms. If you want to use video on other places you need to apply first enhanced licence,

4. Select your influencer as per your choice options like Age, Gender, Category, Followers Base, and content base.

5. Tixteen not eligible for any idea for video concept, Influencer give us video with his best knowledge.

6. In case the selected influencer does not accept your request, You can choose another or opt open for the influencer. Refund only in case your campaign will reject three times from the influencer side for the same campaign. In the refund amount we deduct TDS/GST then we refund.

7. Don't communicate with our influencers for any personal reason. If you find out you're communicating with influencers without any discussion your both accounts will be suspended.

8. You must use your influencers in between 25 days after buying.

9. Content will always be approved by the tixteen content experts’ team. In case the client is not satisfied with the content upload. We need a strong reason for the investigation.

10. Clients choose a language for your content during campaign creation time, we never translate any content!

11. Clients must send 3 products for content.

12. We are not responsible for any products, we are just responsible for content.

13. In case of any complaints or requests, email